It's fixed

Published: October 24, 2010 By Mark
Hello all,

As you Manxviews regulars will already know we had some issues with the site over the last couple of months. Richard has worked miracles sorting everything out and we also have the image count back, and i think you'll agree the site has never looked better.

Over the past month there have been images from a trip to Peel castle with my boys and a couple of weeks ago Dave and myself set out to find the Block Eary reservoir behind Snaefell, a hard climb to the reservoir but well worth it.

Today was such a beautiful day we set off to explore Snaefell mines, again it was a bit of a trek but what a great place, from one extreme to another, steeped in Manx history but right up to date with off road bikes enjoying the hillside. The pictures should be hitting the site soon so keep watching.

Cheers Manxviews Mark. 

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