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Richard is the owner and founder of and the techno man of the team. was set up in mid 2004 after Richard and Dave got addicted to photographing the stunning Isle of Man. Six years on, and the love for pictures is still there, although time to take them is proving more difficult!

A Canon 450d with a couple of lenses, plus a superb Panasonic TZ20 for quick shots and HD video are what Richard has in his camera bag right now. However, this is constantly changing!

Richard has also done some photography for corporate clients too.


Dave is Manxviews' Mr Film using various film cameras of all vintages, from Minolta Dynax 5's from the 1990's to vintage Flexaret TRL's and bellows folding cameras from the 1930's.

He gets a lot of grief from Richard and Mark but can get a photo out of anything he sets his mind to. Dave uses medium format equipment as well as 35mm and has a personal collection in excess of 300 cameras!

Dave retired to the Isle of Man in the early 90's and you could not find a better ambassador for the island.


Mark learnt photography through Dave and started out on older film cameras from Ebay, since his enjoyment for photography has grown he eventually took the plunge and purchased an Olympus E420 DSLR with 3 lenses which has taken his passion for photography to another level.

Last year Mark joined the Isle of Man Photographic Society which has challenged him to try and increase the level and quality of his work. gives Mark a platform to present two great passions in his life , photography and the beautiful Isle of Man.

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